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I grew up in the Dale-Selby neighborhood of Saint Paul. To be more
exact, we lived in the upstairs of a duplex just off the corner of Dayton
and St. Albans, one block from Dale and one block from Selby.

Kung Fu Zombies Vs. Cannibals is Monstrously Good!

Saymoukda Vongsay poses outside the

We made our way cautiously to The Southern Theatre on October 13th. The street was teeming with pale and bloodied creatures loping around with cigarettes dangling from black lips, raising plastic cups of sour beer to the autumn night sky. The perfect setting for the world premiere of a Mu Performing Arts' production of Kung Fu Zombies vs. Cannibals. The play is a dream, channeled and embroidered into a rich crazy quilt adventure by playwright Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay, director Randy Reyes and a a talented cast and crew.