Imniza Ska ("White Cliffs" of Saint Paul)

Imniza Ska, White Bluffs of Saint Paul - Photo by Peter Ladd

One day in June 2011, my wife, Mary Beth Faimon, and I took a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River from Harriet Island in Saint Paul. On the cruise, I saw, for the first time, Imniza Ska, the white cliffs that line the Mississippi River.

Rondo Pioneers

Danta Wilson, D'Onna Clark, Damone Presley, Erica Dennis, Maya Clark, Mietta Green, DaVante Jackson with other friends and performers

As the Black poet J. Saunders Redding said: The relationship between a people and their history is the same as the relationship between a child and its mother; history not only tells a people where they are and what they are—history also informs us what we still must be and what we still must do.

Ironic Meetings of Ghosts at the Irish Fair of Minnesota on Saint Paul's Harriet Island

Photo courtesy of the Irish Fair

The Irish Fair’s site along the pewter-gray, spreading Mississippi beneath downtown Saint Paul on the ample greensward of Harriet Island is majestic and invites celebration. The bustling and music-crammed Irish Fair with its snowy canvas tents, its black-tinted signposts, and plentiful green turf offers an Ireland of the mind to its visitors.

Dylan, Spider John, and the Purple Onion

The purple onion painting that once hung on the wall of the Inn of the Purple Onion

Dylan, Spider John, and the Purple Onion by Bob Scroggins I got to know Saint Paul and I got to know Bob Dylan because I got to know Bill Danielson. Bill owned the Pink Pizza Shack at Hiawatha and Lake in Minneapolis. In 1957 it was a hangout for me and my friends. Bill and […]